Put simply, we wish to change the way people use and interact with digital content. In combining aesthetic beauty, intuitive design, and clear-cut functionality we create an immersive and enjoyable feeling when using such a product. This in turn creates a willingness to use that product or service repeatedly and as a result a smile on one’s face. If you want to support us on our journey, learn more about us or simply want to drop us a line, no matter if an investor or a future partner, please feel free to contact us.

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We are looking for great people who love to create and design innovative software and services - as of now.
Working Student Design iOS Engineer
We designed and developed a hardware-software system to discover interactive digital content. Having first utilised this in scientific conferences, we were quick to realise its application to a diverse number of sectors. Parallel to its application within the realm of science, clients all over Europe are pleased to use the system through their Point of Sale as an information terminal such as in a gallery or museum.
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